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InterAmerican Group is the natural outgrowth of the vision of its founding principals after having worked together in various capacities over many years. InterAmerican Group has been partnering with companies to enhance their enterprise value since 1987. InterAmerican Group is:

A specialized and unique resource. - Our partners and staff comprise a collection of talent and experience that is not available from other advisory or investment firms, and that would be too costly and specialized for most companies to maintain in-house. We pursue each project as if it were our own.

More than its direct principals and associates. - Our network of trusted third-party service providers and advisors is second to none.

Flexible and creative with regard to remuneration. - We believe in risk sharing and aligning our incentives with those of our clients. Under the right circumstances, we will co-invest with our clients.

Not a "paper" consulting group. - We DO rather than just advise. In moving a company to Mexico, for example, our final deliverable is more than a report. Most often, it is a functioning business unit in Mexico.





The InterAmerican Group principals come from multidisciplinary backgrounds and represent a unique combination of skills and experiences. By combining their talents and knowledge within one organization, the InterAmerican Group principals are able to offer the firm's clients and partners perspectives and services that are unique in the marketplace.

Dr. Richard N. Sinkin, general partner
William C. Morro, general partner

A bi-lingual, bi-cultural staff that includes project managers, market research specialists, operations start-up professionals, and financial analysts supports the InterAmerican Group principals.

Erika Satre, senior project manager
Patrick Hess, financial analyst
Cynthia Fleri, staff accountant
Ana Ponce, assistant
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